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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

blogging the bach 22.5

who's watching: The whole Monday night crowd is here tonight. We started watching and got half way through and Rem got sick. Alecia, Megan, and husbands, and I finished watching.

date 1-one on one with Lauren who reminds us all of Lauren B. We aren't sure why he saved this date for her. They have a romantic date that doesn't seem that romantic. Until the final few minutes of the date, we think she is going home. She finally opens up, and he gives her the rose. It still doesn't seem like there is anything there, but she is sticking around at least for now.

date 2-group date. The girls are pretty nice to each other. They prance around the stage and try to dance. They try to have fun and seem happy when they have a chance to talk with him. Eventually Arie picks Bekah to perform with him. The girls are uncomfortable and the date ends.

date 3-two on one with Krystal and Kendall. Krystal is super excited and prepared for this date, and we can't figure out why. Kendall is not excited. Arie questions Krystal on her behavior and then makes out with her. Things get much worse when Krystal talks about Kendall in an effort to win. Kendall does a good job calling Krystal on her act while being nice. Arie can't make a decision and Krystal is even more confident. Dear Arie, please put us out of our misery!

date 4-one on one with Jacqueline. He picks her up in a fancy car that breaks down 10 feet later. They shop and buy a fancier dress and go to dinner. I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've heard her talk this whole season. They establish they have very different lives but he gives her the rose anyway. We all feel a little confused.

rose ceremony-Things are super tense.
who's left-lauren, bekah, kendall, jacqueline, tia, seinne, becca 

word tally
tear tally-7

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