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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

blogging the bach 22.5

who's watching: meg, rem, alicia, amanda. we missed celsey and shawn this week.

date #1-one on one with Becca K. We like her. The date starts and Arie isn't sure and ends with Arie falling in love with Becca. The explore the city date usually isn't the most exciting, but it seems like it was really good for them. We like them together, and we were all excited she got the rose.

Becca comes home, and Jacqueline decides she needs to talk to Arie. She goes to his room, fake cries quite a bit, makes out even more, and says goodbye.

date #2-one on one with Lauren-another explore the town date. For most of the date we think she is going home. They explore, eat ice cream, eat pizza, and play soccer. We see them actually eating two times on the date which is never a good sign. She says she is falling in love with him. Arie steps away for a few minutes. We think she is leaving, but instead he gives her the rose and tells her he is falling in love with her.

date #3-one on one with Seinne. We are a little surprised she gets the one on one. We are actually surprised that she is still there. They date was ok, but it was pretty obvious that she was going to be sent home. They have some awkward serious conversation. He picks up the rose as if he is going to give it to her and then sends her home.

date #4-group date with Kendall, Bekah, and Tia. The date starts and Arie asks Kendall if she wants to go hangout. Their time together goes well and she gets the rose. Tia spends her time with Arie talking about Bekah, and it does not go well. At this point it seems like she is going home. Bekah gets really really upset. Things totally change at dinner. Arie reassures Tia and talks about being excited to meet her family. Bekah's time with Arie is awkward, and everything changes. Her age is more of an issue, and at that point we know she is going home. Their goodbye isn't as bad as I expected.

The previews for hometowns look intense.

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