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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

blogging the bach 22.6

Who is watching Winter Games? We all know I love the bachelor and related shows as much as anyone, but I cannot commit to that much TV in one week especially when I am trying to watch the olympics. We decided to wait and binge watch the whole thing one Saturday in the next few weeks.
who's watching: the whole Monday night crew is here tonight.

I wasn't feeling super great after dinner so I got a slow start to the blog.

date #1-Kendall's hometown. We all think the taxidermy thing is pretty weird except Rem who thinks it is so cool. It's probably because I wasn't feeling well, but it was making me so sick. I couldn't even watch. I was afraid of actually getting sick while watching so I mostly didn't watch. Arie seems to like her. Does he really like the taxidermy wedding?

date #2-Tia's hometown in Weiner, Arkansas. Tia planned a racing date which was obviously perfect for Arie. They have a lot of fun before going to meet her family. We can't figure out exactly what is going on with her family.

date #3-Becca's hometown. Becca and Arie have fun picking apples or something. We aren't paying attention. They go meet with her family. Her mom seems the most sensible parent so far. She wants to see how Becca feels before being ok with the idea. In the end she gives her blessing. Becca opens up a little more,

date #4-Lauren's hometown. Arie can't belive they can ride horses on the beach. Have you ever been to Mexico dude? We all hope this date is less awkward than their previous dates. Their time together is less awkward, but meeting the fam is so awkward. We didn't see much emotion from anyone on the date. Arie doesn't act as much like he is falling deeply in love this week.

Rose Ceremony-We have no idea who is going on. Arie takes Kendall out to talk to her to see if she can really be ready for engagement in 2 weeks. She doesn't really give it to him, but it seems like he is going to keep her. When it gets to the final two, I realize Tia is more into Arie than he is into her, and she goes home. She is shocked and cries and cries. She is a pretty crier and totally being set up to be the next bachelorette.

Women Tell All looks great, and we can't wait.

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