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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.8

We already know tonight is 3 hours. 3 hours is a long time for any show. I love the bachelor and all the spin off shows, but that is a lot to ask plus 2 hours tomorrow. Celsey and I settle in for all the hours.

We start with the Eric/Angela/Cassandra drama/date. I really could not care less about their storyline. They spent so much time talking about it. The show started with them and came back to it. Eric is being a little sleazy acting like Angela is crazy to Cassandra and trying to console Angela at the same time. I am kind of done with all of them.

Tia and Colton make me so sad. First I didn't really like them then I kind of love them, and now I am so sad it didn't work out. Colton realizes he can't give Tia what she really deserves so he tells her. They both cry..a lot and then go home. It is really sad. 

All the couples are freaking out after Tia and Colton. Kevin and Astrid are falling in love. They seem the most likely to be together after this thing. More girls come in and the ratio is bad especially with all the couples. John is on a date AGAIN. Kamil goes too. Annaliese freaks out..again even though Kamil tells her not to. 

I stopped blogging for a minute and started working on a project, and then all of a sudden Ashley and Jared come in. Ever since they announced they are together, I have been obsessed with them. I have been waiting for this all season. It was the cutest. 

Kevin is sweet and tells Ashley congratulations and then freaks out a little. He gets a datecard and he Astrid get the heck outta there. They love each other and have a great night.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Annaliese is a mess. Kamil comes back from his date and is happy to be back. She thinks they are perfect for each other and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Really girl? He just went on a date with another girl today. I don't know about you, but I do not want to be proposed to by a guy that went on a date with another girl that day. 

It's pre rose ceremony time. John is the player of the night. There are way too many girls left. Jordan from New Zealand arrives and all the girls plead their case for staying. Celsey and I are chatting for a minute and all of a sudden Chelsea is holding hands with Kamil and talking to each other. It doesn't work and she goes home. All the regulars give out their roses. Eric picks Cassandra. Jordan picks Shushana and John picks Olivia.

That was a freaking long episode. 3 hours is way too long.

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