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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Random August Happs 

August came and went and I am trying to play catch up.

Amanda came into town and some of us randomly ended up at Michelle's one night. It was late and I wasn't planning to stay or even go, but it ended up being so much fun I just couldn't leave.

dinner at The Cheesecake Factory because Michelle and Amanda were in town.

Angie and Symoni played a round of who wore it worst in Anthropologie and I'm still laughing about it.

I met Lisa and Jackie for lunch while Lisa was still in town.

Robyn came to SLC for a convention and I got lucky enough to see her

the Friday lunch tradition continues

Trudy very suddenly passed away and several of us attended her funeral

We celebrated Shawn's birthday at Dave and Busters

The monday night gang crashed Air Design's summer party

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