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Monday, September 10, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.9

It's the last week of this show. Even though I really really love this season, I am kind of ready for it to end. 2 night of the bach is fun, but it is also a lot.
who's watching-the whole crew is here tonight

All the couples seem to be doing well. A date card arrives for American Jordan who is camera ready obviously. Jenna is nervous..about everything. They take engagement photos and then change into wedding clothes. They jump into the ocean and have a great date. Everything seems great-maybe a little too great.

Robby comes super late and finds out everyone is pretty wifed up. He asks Shushana on the date, and she is excited to go. Everyone is talking about her being a witch and him being a cheater. Meanwhile she tells him she trusts him 100%. 

Joe and Kendall talk/joke about the future and things turn awkward. They don't show a resolution and move to the pre-rose ceremony. Most of the couples are making out and fine. Diggy and John both try all their tricks to get Olivia to give her rose. Rem walks in the room and says "woah he's back" about Robby. Robby and Shu talk and are happy with each other. Joe and Kendall talk and things are bad. They aren't on the same page and Joe leaves. Kendall had no idea all the things Joe feels about her even though we all knew. She leaves and is hysterical in the limo. Almost everything about the rose ceremony is predictable except Olivia's rose goes to John.

It's the final day in paradise. It's time to get serious. Olivia and John leave together. Jordan and Cassandra leave but not together. Robby and Shu didn't have enough time and leave-not really together but not not together. Kamil and Annaliese are going to the fantasy suite. Chris and Krystal and Jenna and Jordan are going in the fantasy suite. Astrid and Kevin are a mess. Kevin has a breakdown and they both leave. I am kind of mad at the show at this point. If there was a little less pressure, the normal couples might still be together. Tomorrow looks dramatic and I can't wait.

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