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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

blogging the bach...5.10

This has been one of my favorite seasons of paradise, but it's coming to an end.
who's watching-Celsey and I have been watching on Tuesday nights.

They waste no time getting right to the end of this which I guess is actually a really good thing.

Annaliese is ready to get engaged and keeps talking about it. She talks first and goes on and on, and the look on Kamil's face says he isn't going to propose. He tells her he loves her but isn't proposing. They leave together but not engaged. 

Jordan and Jenna have both been all in for a long time. She was super freaked out going into the final moments. He calmed her down. She expressed her feelings. He expressed his, and they got engaged.

Chris and Krystal seemed to be on the same love page. He acts like he has doubts, but I think it was just a weird edit. He loves her. She loves him. They get engaged and facetime his family. 

That's a wrap on the show. 3 couples leave engaged or happy.

At the reunion show we find out..
John and Olivia didn't make it because he's been facetiming Chelsea.
Colton and Tia are finally on the same page and happy to be friends.
Astrid and Kevin talk things out in the hot seat and say they both still love each other and want to be together.
Kendall went to Chicago after Paradise. She and Joe talked, spent time together in Chicago and LA, and Chris Harrison offered him a spot on Dancing with the Stars in LA
Kamil is the worst and breaks up with Annaliese on the show. It is kind of the worst.
Jenna and Jordan are still engaged and planning a wedding next summer and ask Chris to officiate.
Chris and Krystal are emotionally in love and planning to move in together.
The bloopers are just ok and paradise is over for another season,

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  1. I kind of liked the final show. I loved when Annaliese came back to the stage to confront Kamil for his crap and Tia's reaction when she did haha. And dang John....all that kissing went to his head. I was laughing at his comment though, "I am just a programmer". I'm sure he goes back and tells all of his nerd buddies how hot he was on the show haha Super excited for Jordan and Jenna! And I LOVED Chris and Crystal. That crystal goose had me cracking up and his tears were sweet. I loved Chris' comment to them both about being the evil ones on their shows and now falling in love. I REALLY like them together. This is my opinion comment/e-mail so I won't forget when my day gets crazy tomorrow and I don't have time to send you a Polo.


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