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Monday, February 4, 2019

blogging the bach 23.5

who's watching: Celsey, Alicia, me-everyone else is gone or out of town or something

Date #1-one on one with Heather who is no longer never been kissed. We spent most of her date trying to figure out our brackets. We know who is left, but it isn't matching up with the numbers on the bracket. We searched and searched and looked and we're still pretty confused. The bottom line of the whole date is Colton kissed her under the fireworks and has now been kissed. She goes home like a giddy teenager, and we're still not sure if this was actually her first kiss or not.

Meanwhile Elyse is spiraling down down down. I always wonder if these people have ever seen the show. They know how it works before they come on right? She knew he would be dating other girls right? She tells him she can't accept a proposal at the end if he is still dating all these other girls. She got way too deep into her own head and tells Colton she needs to leave. She leaves, and Colton is devastated. He is afraid everyone else feels the same. He goes to bed upset and wakes up to the Colton cam still upset.

Date #2-group date. Today is all about survival. These girls are crazy town-eating bugs, letting scorpions crawl on them, sticking their hands in random holes. They split into teams to try to survive-some with Colton and some not with him. I would definitely die on this date unless I was smart like Demi and went to the store. I take back what I said about Tayshia last week. I didn't see a whole lot of chemistry last week, but there seems to be more chemistry this week. Hannah B is working the system and tells him she is in love. Onyeka tattles on Nicole. Colton addresses this with Nicole. Apparently it is not true and there are tears-a lot of tears. Hannah B gets the group date rose.

Date #3-one on one with Cassie. On a scale of 1-hot Colton is hot. 
Let's spend the day on the boat-Colton
Cassie-oh it's so cute
Celsey-It's not cute. It's ghetto AF. 
Alicia-What is going on? Is the bottom out? I would be terrified.
It cuts to the girls hanging around the house. Some look like they could use a shower or a shave.
Alicia-You've got nothing but time. Shower and get yourself ready.
I'm calling her as the dark horse of the season even if all they have done all day is kiss. They talk a little and then make out some his bed. He likes her a lot.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Tayshia takes him out to the beach and lets off a paper lantern. Demi gives him trust rings. Nicole talks to Colton and tries to clear the air. He pulls Onyeka aside to try to get the truth. Colton tries to talk to other girls (Katie) and those two won't stop yelling at each other. Colton walks off. They both follow him, but he doesn't want to talk to them.

To Be Continued...

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