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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

13.1..Thankful 13 round 2

After running the Thankful 13 the year before, several others of our running friends wanted to run it and get the cool medal and shirt. We had a little bigger crowd this year, and it was fun to all do it together.

JoAnn, ReNae, Judy and I met to pick up our packets and race materials the day before. Unfortunately JoAnn was having some hip problems and wasn't able to run with us. She did come to pick up her stuff.

We all met on Thanksgiving morning to start the race together. Donna and her friend started a little early. Sharon, Mike, ReNae, Todd, Judy and I all started together. Judy, Mike and I ran the first few miles together. Judy and I stayed together the whole time.

The course runs through neighborhoods but also on trails. There are some really parts of the run.

Every mile marker had a gratitude quote and there were many signs along the way of what people are thankful for. Those are my favorite parts of the race.

The first 10 miles went really well. We ran really strong and the weather was pretty good. Judy started to lose a little steam and a little balance so we stuck even closer together for the last 3 miles. It also started raining at that point. We were very happy when we crossed the finish line.

We crossed the finish line, hopped in the car, and hurried home to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a really good race and a great way to start the holiday.

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