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Monday, February 25, 2019

blogging the bach 23.8...home towns

who's watching-Celsey, Alicia, Amanda, Alexis, and Shawn 

It's home town week, and I have already seen a bit of commentary from friends.We're excited to see how this goes.

Date #1-Caelynn
They meet, have ice cream, smash it in their faces, and go meet the family. There are a lot of people there. They have some one on one chats, and Colton asks for permission to propose. For a hot second it seems like he might not say yes and then he does. They say goodbye to the family and Caelynn tells Colotn she loves him. They kiss and he leaves.

Date #2-Hannah G
Before they go to meet the family, they take an etiquette class. We all agree it's kind of the worst. "Who picked this date?"--Shawn "Why?"--Shawn.. Colton gets in a fair amount of trouble and they leave to go meet the family where he is in trouble again. Her mom is less than thrilled with Colton's toast. With a little bit of time (and only a little), both parents come around to the idea of Colton. Hannah tells Colton she is falling in love, and Colton says it back.

Date #3-Tayshia
Tayshia blindfolds Colton, kisses him and takes him in the car. He has never droven with her-I'm dying. They jump out of a plane and are with her family about 5 minutes later. Tayshia is the little bit younger version of her mom. Her dad has some really good questions. Colton asks for permission to propose and he doesn't give it right away. After talking to Tayshia, he gives them his blessing. Their date is the longest so far. "She just seems like she wants to win"--

Date #4-Cassie
Cassie takes Colton to the beach. She tries to teach him to surf. He's not that great.
"She seems fake"
"They're all fake"-Shawn
Colton wants to hear from Cassie how she feels, and she isn't ready to say it. They go visit her family. Her family is emotional. He asks for permission and her dad says it's a little premature for that request. Cassie still doesn't tell Colton her feelings.

Hannah and Tayshia get the first 2 roses. At this point I knew Cassie was getting the last rose. The edit of her hometown was to make us think she would go home which means she is for sure staying. Also, Caelynn really loves him a lot which means she is going home. She is completely blindsided and I think she will be the next bachelorette. The previews look dramatic and we might actually see the fence jumping. 

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