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Monday, February 18, 2019

blogging the bach 23.7

I took last week off because Celsey and I were busy decorating cupcakes for New Beginnings. 

who's watching: Celsey, Alicia, Amanda, Krista, and Whitney

What is with the vlog's this season? I get that it's 2019 and it's the thing to do, but it doesn't really seem necessary.

After a few fun weeks in Asia, they're back in the US..visiting Colton's meet with Ben Higgins and Colton's dog. We aren't sure about Hannah B's outfit or any of the girls in the tank tops in the snow.

Tayshia gets another one on one even though she just had one a couple of weeks ago. Does he really like her? Does he want to pick her brain? Is he unsure if he really wants to keep her around? We're just not sure. And/or maybe he is hoping she will tattle tail on the other girls and apparently she will about Cassie and Caelynn who aren't ready for engagement. She however is ready-insert eye roll. I really thought I liked her until now. I don't even really know what else happened on the date. I was not impressed.

Caelynn has the next one on one. They head up the mountain for snowboarding, and Colton quickly addresses all the things Tayshia told him the day before. This is now the case of he said she said. Caelynn is adamant that she is absolutely ready and never said anything about being the bachelorette. For some reason he totally believes Tayshia without really even giving her a chance to express herself. He finally listens to her at night, gives her the rose, and then they have a private concert in the red rock amphitheater.

Caelynn talks to Tayshia and we find out she found out this information by making assumptions. The conversation was pretty dumb and not based on any sort of facts.

Hannah B has the next one on one. They go visit his family. He chats with his dad who suggests he follow his gut rather than listen to what other girls have to say. They talk more with his family and then head to the evening. She wears her best bumble gum dress, and he sends her home. She was shocked but we were not. She handled it really well-probably better than anything else the rest of the season. See ya in paradise Hannah B.

Group date-Colton wants to talk to all the girls and make sure they are ready. He talks to Heather first. She isn't sure if she is ready. We are all sure she is not. See ya in paradise Heather. Kirpa feels like she needs to warn Colton about the things she assumes and thinks-not a good idea. Colton talks to Cassie. She is pretty upset. Kirpa spends her whole time talking about the other girls. She comes back to the group and insists she cares about Colton and his heart. Cassie calls her out on it, and she doesn't have much to say. They argue and nothing is resolved. Colton is not ready to make a decision and takes the roses until later. They get to the evening portion, and he immediately takes Hannah G out and gives her the rose. She goes back to the girls and Caelynn is not happy about Kirpa. She goes to talk to Colton and tells him not to listen to any of this crap. He gives the rose to Cassie and we say bye bye to Kirpa.

The hometowns will be interesting since we haven't heard a word from any of their families. 

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