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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

blogging the bach 16.11...Men Tell All

who's watching-The regular Monday night crew is off today so I am watching with Erin. Steve was mostly in his office doing school work, but we did get him to give a little bit of commentary here and there.

I am not usually a huge fan of men tell all. There isn't usually that much to tell, but I have been waiting for weeks for this. We all know it's going to be another episode of the Luke show. As much as I am ready for the end of that, I am very curious to see what Hannah and everyone else including Luke has to say.

Before we can get to the real Luke show, we have to see Luke actually leave the show. Hannah tried to send him home yet again and he came back yet again. Hannah told him to leave, and he flat out refused. He came back truly thinking Hannah wants to be with him. He waltzed right in to the rose ceremony and stood there like it was no big deal except that it was a really big deal. Hannah was livid, and tried to get him to leave. Again he refused. He wanted closure. I'm all for closure. I like it myself, but I do not understand how he didn't have closure. Maybe he felt mixed messages throughout the season as she continued to keep him, but it was pretty clear at the end of their date that this was the end. Hannah tried moving the podium to prove her point. The guys all rallied around her to get him to leave. They were protective but not aggressive which I appreciated. At this point I am so confused why the producers, their handlers, Chris Harrison, somebody doesn't physically remove him. He FINALLY leaves and the rest is to be continued.

The majority of the Men Tell All was Luke Tells All. Some of the guys had a lot to say and some had little to say. Luke said he had no regrets, and in true Luke fashion back pedaled on that multiple times. He eventually said he was sorry for this or that and left the stage to catch a flight. I really hope Luke gets some professional help after his time on this show. 

Hannah clearly regrets keeping him around for so long. If all the rumors are true, the end of this season has been very rough for her. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out next week. I like that she stands up for herself, but I don't always care for the way she does it. I don't think the apology to America was necessary. It felt a bit emotionally immature and could have been handled in a different way. I hope somehow in all of the mess of this season, she is happy or has grown or something positive. We'll see as it all unravels next week.
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