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Monday, July 29, 2019

blogging the bach 16.12..finale part 1

who's watching: Alicia, Krista, Celsey

We've been waiting for the end of the season for weeks, and now it's not even the end. We only have part 1 tonight. 
We pick up where we left off last week-with the rose ceremony. Luke is finally gone FINALLY. Jed gets the first rose. He is the only one besides Luke that she has said she is falling in love with. Tyler gets the other rose. We all love Peter, but I wasn't surprised to see him go. She is hysterical and tries to justify to Peter, and he doesn't want to hear it. He is handling it like such a gentleman and it is a little hard to believe she is the one that is making the decision. They both cry..a lot.
Peter and fam are at After the Final Rose. His poor mom is heart broken for him. He still seems pretty sad but tells Chris H he is ready to get some answers and move on. Hannah comes out and she doesn't have many answers for him. She says he didn't open up quick enough and it was too slow of a burn even though we saw a pretty hot and heavy relationship. Hannah announces to everyone that the windmill was even hotter than she originally said. Peter feels closure.

We get back to the show and Tyler goes to meet her family. They talk about the fantasy suite and her family is impressed. Tyler and Hannah talk about lust vs love and she says she is falling in love with him. 

I still can't even with Jed. Her parents ask about his music. He says he signed a deal with a dog food company to write their jingle. I am so embarrassed right now. Her parents aren't very supportive of Jed. Her mom pretty much tells her to pick Tyler. Her dad does too. She wants them to say they are both great, but it just isn't happening. She talks to Jed. She says she doesn't want to talk about other guys and the proceeds to talk about Tyler. With the rest of America, we looked up the dog food jingle. Enough said. 

Hannah has her final date with Tyler-a redo of the horseback riding date and her final date with Jed on a boat. Her night with Tyler seems pretty good. She is not feeling well on the boat. She is definitely worried. Her time with her family seems to be sinking in for her. Jed apologizes for the night before it even starts. She tells him about the concerns with his music. She is freaking out and tells him that. 
To be continued...

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