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Monday, January 27, 2020

blogging the bach 24.4

Who’s watching: Alicia and Adam for a few minutes, Amanda, Megan, Celsey, and Shawn 

We start out with the girls in the PJs. They are feeling a little bad about Peter and who knows what else. Chris Harrison comes in and tells them there won’t be a date today because Peter is out of town..and they’re Cleveland, Ohio. The girls aren’t excited but once they get there they act like they are.

Date #1-Today our love soars to new heights Victoria F
The date starts and they fly over somewhere and end up on a rollercoaster. There are a lot of analogies about love and soaring to new heights. They go to a diner, talk about the future, and go outside for a concert-with Chase Rice who conveniently dated Victoria F. It is awkward, very awkward. She refuses to kiss Peter or even look up. She ends up chatting with Chase Rice and the awkwardness continues. She decided she needs to tell Peter, but she is scared how he is going to react. We have no idea why she is so nervous. She tells him, cries, and walks away. Peter is not freaked out about it at all. He acknowledges that it is weird but also laughs. They go back to the table, she gets the rose, and they dance and make out to a cello player.

Date #2-Let’s tackle love together 
They’re already talking about how the big group dates always have drama-not a good sign. We still aren’t sure why they are in Ohio, but maybe it is so they can have the whole stadium for themselves for a football game. The game ends in a tie so everyone gets to go to the night portion to spend more time with Peter. Victoria P steals Peter first and Sheinn is so upset. All of a sudden, Alayah walks back in, and the drama comes back again. Victoria swears she is not a liar although she is making no sense. Alayah did tell Victoria not to tell anyone that they are friends. They are both shady. I liked Victoria, but I am not liking this at all. Peter gives Alayah the group date arose even though she wasn’t even on the group date. The girls are less than thrilled. Most of the girls don’t even get to talk to Peter. The drama is so far running the season.

Date #3-Kelsey
This is the explore the town date. How much is there really to explore in Cleveland? Peter says Kelsey is no drama. Has he already forgotten about champagne gate?! She shares her story that her parents got divorced and her dad left the family for a new life and family in Mexico. Peter can tell she is a good person and has a good heart, and he really respects her. Her story is definitely sad, but she really has to try hard to cry. She gets the rose, and Peter really likes her.

Cocktail party
All of the girls are fired up at Peter. They are mad at Alayah and Peter for bringing her back and giving her the rose. Peter doesn’t see it, but every girl that talks to him is pretty upset with him. He feels like he is disappointing people all over, and basically that is what is happening. It ends with to be continued...

Windmill-this seems to have died down and we haven’t heard about it for the past 2 episodes
Pilot/flying-3 (I probably missed a few especially with Victoria F’s date)
Husband/Wife-4 (I definitely missed a bunch of these)
Tear Tally-5 (I am certain I missed some. There were a lot of tears)

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