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Friday, January 31, 2020

Christmas Vacay 2019

I spent the Christmas holiday with Chelsea and her family. I found a great deal on a plane ticket, but the days and times weren’t necessarily ideal. With leaving town again at the first of the year I wanted a few days at home in between. That didn’t happen, but it all worked out. I got extra time with their family which is always fun. 

We went to see the lights at the Oakland temple which is something I have never done. It was so beautiful. 

After the lights we got ice cream for dessert. Parking was insane but we finally found a spot. We had a full table of adults and a full table of kids with 3 families of people. 

We made gingerbread houses. The kids all made their own and they did a pretty good job being creative and getting along with each other. 

We drive around and saw lights a few times. 

Christmas break was so nice. It was relaxing and fun. 
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