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Friday, September 22, 2023

Fall Fashion:Horse Race Edition

Fall Fashion: Preparing For A Day At The Races

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As the seasons start to change, many of us are wondering what to wear. This isn't your everyday fashion post. This is a special occasion kind of fashion-horse races.

While many people think of horse racing as an event solely for the Spring, the Fall racing program is immensely popular too. From Albuquerque to Woodbine, the October schedule in the U.S. and Canada is simply incredible. If you’re planning a day at the races over the coming weeks, though, ensuring that you look the part is vital.

In truth, the process isn’t vastly different from planning a day at the races in Spring or Summer. Focus on the simple tips I’ve provided below for guidance and you won’t go far wrong.

Find The Perfect Outfit

A day out at the races may be one of your final opportunities to wear a dress to an outdoor event this year as it will soon be time to wrap up. Beautiful race day dresses will undoubtedly enhance your experience of being around the paddocks. After all, looking good naturally makes you feel good regardless of whether it’s a work outing or a day with friends.

To perfect the outfit, though, you will probably want a lightweight jacket. Meanwhile, carrying an umbrella is advised if the weather forecast suggests rain.

Choose The Right Hat

After an incredible summer, I can’t wait to continue the fun over the coming weeks. However, the Halloween and Thanksgiving season is one when I often feel cold. Thankfully, eye-catching hats like fascinators play a big part in race day fashion for women. Aside from the visual benefits, it’s one of the best ways to prevent body heat loss.

Hats should be fun but will also need to coordinate with your race day dress and footwear. So, you should always prioritize those items first.

Perfect Your Hair & Makeup

When dressing to impress for a day at the races, it’s equally important to consider your hair and makeup choices. The windy weather could play havoc with your hair if you’re not careful. These updos for fall are ideal, not least because you can find one that pairs well with hats. Likewise, it’ll be easy to fix them should the wind make them come loose.

As for makeup choices, bitten-berry lips and autumnal-colored mascara can work exceptionally well. However, the key is to find what matches your natural tones.

Consider Your Body Language

Looking your best during a day at the races is as much about the way people perceive you as the way you view yourself. With this in mind, carrying yourself with a confident posture can make a world of difference. Jewelry, simple but bold nails, and a winning smile will do just the trick. If you have bought new footwear, you should wear them in before the big day.

Even if you’re not overly confident, you can fake it until you make it. Crucially, many aspects of your race day attire can subsequently be used for other events over the coming weeks. 

The Final Warning

Lastly, it’s advised that you set a budget for the day. After all, nothing will ruin your look quite like frowning due to losing a small fortune.

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