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Friday, September 8, 2023

Staying Safe on the Internet

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We basically do everything on the internet these days. Protecting your privacy on the Internet is so important, there are a lot of nosy people out there who are always looking for ways to pry into your business and get information about you. This information is usually used for identity theft and can see your life being turned upside down. 

However, it's very hard to keep your privacy on the internet when everywhere you turn it seems like someone wants to install a cookie to monitor your activities. Even big-name websites collect information from you when you browse. 

So how exactly should you go about securing your privacy on the internet? Here are some tips that will help.

Strong Passwords

It has probably been said a million times already but it is worth repeating. You need strong passwords, they are still a necessity all over the internet. 

They are your first line of defense against internet criminals who seek to steal identity and extract from you. 

Make sure that when they go mining for your information they come up empty-handed. Create passwords with lots of different characters and capital letters to get them off track.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor identification is a must for just about everything you do on the internet. From your bank account to your social media accounts, you have to protect your identity by making sure that you turn on two-factor authentication for everything.

It is an extra layer of protection that you need beyond the password. Thieves may be able to guess your password but they can't get past your two-factor authentication process if they don't have your device with them to get a code.

Don't Give Away Information

Be vigilant about the information that you give out on the internet. For example, be wary of any email that seems to come from your financial institutions and asks for personal information. 

Nine times out of ten this is just a scam with criminals trying to get you to click on links to go to phishing sites that closely mirror the official site of banks. They will try to get you to enter your passwords and other confidential information.

Always keep your information close to your chest and never part with it no matter how tempting it may be. In addition to making sure that you are keeping your information, see if you also need to find out what kind of information organizations such as Google have on you. 

 You can find out how to see what Google knows about you and then choose to remove some of the information if you find it uncomfortable.

Get Protected

Keeping yourself and your family safe while you're on the internet should always be a primary concern. It's not too difficult to keep yourself safe, you just have to make sure that you are aware of the things that criminals try to do to get ahold of your information. 

Your personal information is your identity so you must guard it with your life. If someone tries to steal it, you can find it difficult to redeem yourself and get your life back. So, always make sure that you are being vigilant.

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