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Friday, September 8, 2023

Summer Recap

Summer 2023 has been good to me. At the beginning of the summer I didn't have a lot planned. I thought it would be a more lowkey summer. All of a sudden that changed, and it was a little more packed full of fun. The month of June was a bit cold and rainy so it didn't even really feel like summer. I was out of town 3 times in July. It was really fun and a little exhausting.

I found a great last minute plane ticket to Arizona for a few days during my summer break. It was crazy hot, but we pretty much spent the whole time in the pool. Walking outside felt a little bit like I might catch on fire. It was fun to get out of town for a few days, and it was a nice break.

I was back in town for a couple of weeks before going to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons with Stacha, Ale, Brooke, and Diana. After searching for an affordable hotel or Air BnB, we ended up deciding to stay in a covered wagon. It proved to be quite the adventure. It was for sure more rustic than I was expecting, but it was still a lot of fun. We saw so many beautiful things on our trip. We saw the Barbie movie on our way home, and we were all so ready to get home to our clean showers and our own beds.

The weekend after Wyoming was the annual bookclub Bear Lake trip. We went in July this year, and we had the best beach weather. We had a little smaller crowd this year so we missed those that couldn't come. We had a great time and another year of fun memories.
After being in town for a few weeks, I took one final summer trip to California. I met up with a group of OG girls for a southern California trip. Everyone went to Disneyland for one day while I stayed back at the pool. We spent another day at the beach and another day shopping. I haven't spend a lot of time in California (other than visiting Chelsea and her fam) so it was fun to play tourist for the weekend.
Summer is definitely winding down. I am a bit sad to say goodbye to summer but I am looking forward to fall and all that has to offer.

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