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Friday, September 8, 2023

It's Almost Fall

Image by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels

As temperatures adjust and leaves take on their vibrant autumn shades, many find renewed joy and relaxation during this season. As much as I love summer, it is always fun when the temperature drops a little and the leaves start to turn. Autumn offers many activities which not only entertain but can enrich one's life as well. 

Here are just a few activities which might keep you occupied this autumn season.

1. Leaf Peeping and Nature Walks

Fall brings with it breathtaking displays of leaf color changes; why not join one of many leaf-peeping tours, or simply stroll in your local park and witness this vibrant spectrum of reds, oranges and golds that nature provides us?

For optimal photography results, capture colorful scenes using either your phone camera or DSLR. In your nature journaling efforts, document different species as their leaves change season to season in an ongoing document of plant species and trees in nature journals. My DSLR has been packed away for several years. After letting a friend borrow it for a couple of months this summer, I am committed to getting it back out. Autumn is the perfectly beautiful time for that.

2. Harvest Festivals and Apple Picking

Across many communities this fall season is harvest festival time, featuring locally produced fruits, crafts and seasonal delicacies as well as apple picking activities - an increasingly popular autumn activity! Apples are my favorite and I need to see if there is a local spot for apple picking.

For maximum pleasure during apple picking adventures, explore different recipes using apples such as pie and cider! Plus use what you collect for crafts like creating apple print artworks!

3. Pumpkin Patch Visits 

Pumpkin patches provide an enjoyable outing for families and individuals of all ages alike, offering opportunities for picking pumpkins while taking part in activities like hayrides and corn mazes.

Arrange with family or friends to host a pumpkin carving party and carve pumpkins together! On Cooking Day, gather up those fresh pumpkins you found and use them as ingredients in soup or bread recipes!

4. Hiking and Camping

Autumn provides ideal outdoor adventure conditions: cooler temps and less crowds make this season ideal for hiking and camping trips to experience its splendor. Plan one now to make the most out of autumn's beauty!

For an enjoyable hiking or camping adventure, invest in high quality gear from camping stores such as REI or Back Country Shopper to make the journey more comfortable while adhering to safety precautions while out. Don't leave home unannounced: always comply with regulations by informing someone prior to embarking upon any treks or adventure trips. 

5. Cozy Indoor Activities

Add warmth and cozy ambience to the season by joining activities designed to mark this festive period!

For an enjoyable autumn experience, enjoy reading while sipping hot cocoa or tea; crafts include creating autumn wreaths or candle holders; baking sweet treats using a new pumpkin cheesecake recipe can bring autumn into your home along with spiced cookies and cakes! 

6. Community Volunteerism

Autumn offers you an ideal chance to give back by volunteering. Take full advantage!

Donate to food banks or community kitchens near you by attending local food bank drives and community kitchen cleanup days. Join community cleanup drives in order to preserve parks and recreational areas nearby.


Autumn offers many activities and pursuits to keep us busy and active, from outdoor adventures to cozy indoor plans - everyone will find something enjoyable this autumn season! 

Make sure you set aside enough time for relaxation as well, taking pleasure from its simple joys such as crisp air and crunchy leaves underfoot; but make sure also take some personal time for just yourself, enjoying each aspect that come your way during this glorious time of year. Call me if you are doing a fun fall activity.

Enjoy Autumn!

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