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Sunday, September 2, 2012

august part 2

here's the rest of #photoadayaug
16: FOOD. work lunch at baja cantina in park city

17: this FACE. kill me now

18: who would want to be INSIDE on a perfect pool day???
19: giant HOLE in my windshield courtesy of provo canyon

20: used this VHS tape in presentation TODAY #yesiknowits2012

21: pretty lucky to have such COOL friends

22: stay at HOME mom turned stay at HOME crafter #jealous

23: PAIR

24: PATH. all day every day
25: FRESH supply of drinks
26: DREAM. feeding the ducks with a little tyke

27: refuse to drink TAP water
28: 3 CLOCKs in the office. 3 different times
29: looking DOWN at last pool day of season
30: CARD. O+ blood=frequent donations
september already started. who is playing?


  1. wish i were... someday I'll get caught up to the 20th century :)

  2. I was going to do photo a day beginning on August 1. But I forgot. Then on September 1. But I forgot again. Remind me to do it on October 1. :-)


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