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Sunday, September 16, 2012

september pics part 1

here's the 1st round of september photos. i'm still loving this. is anyone else doing it that i don't know about?

1: ME, NOW. playing games and holding the babe

2: FATHER. baby kyler's blessing day

3: sure wish these littles didn't live so FAR AWAY

4: every once in a while, something good comes IN MY MAILBOX

5: even though it's after labor day, my nails got painted BRIGHT pink

6: makeup EVERYDAY no exceptions. ever.

7: NATURAL. food i ate for 3 days while cleansing

8: i take off my eye makeup AT NIGHT

9: i go to church MOST basically all WEEKENDS

10: BLACK and WHITE. monday night tradish with celsey is back in sesh

11: real life american HERO


13: TABLE. celebrating patty's birthday

14: a few of my FAVORITEs

15: FIRST THING I SAW on my drive to logan

obviously you can see the pics here, but i'm also posting on facebook, instagram, and twitter. hashtag has changed #FMSphotoaday

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