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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

remembering 9/11

yesterday was the 11th anniversary of september 11. i loved listening to the radio and reading FB posts all day. i'm so glad people still remember. as i drove to work with tears in my eyes listening to the patriotic songs with voiceovers from people who lost their lives, it really made me think. i blogged about it last year, and i still think the same things. our country came together that day, and look at it now. the dj on the radio talked about it being our duty to remember and our duty to teach. i realized i was teaching a class. even though i might be the teacher of the the tiniest little tykes who don't have a clue what's going on, i agreed with him. it is my remember and to teach. so, we colored american flags in playgroup and took the youth to the sandy city healing field. it was the perfect way for me to remember and hopefully never forget.

shawn wore his military uniform and gave us a little talk about patriotism
walking through the flags

flags for utah soldiers

september 11 is a day i hope i never forget. i remember exactly where i was and what i was doing. even if it is just for one day a year, i love seeing people unite to remember. i really hope we always remember.

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  1. Please remove the pic of me that adds like 50 pounds to me. I am throwing that shirt away...not even kidding!


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