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Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend recap

my weekend got off to an unexpected and unwelcomed early start when i started puking my guts up thursday the middle of an online class...thank you food poisoning. i wasn't exactly asleep at this early 8:50 hour, but I was done puking enough to actually get myself into my bed.

i called in sick on friday and rested a little, did some grocery shopping, and watched a girl movie.

i spent the day saturday halloween crafting my head off. pics to come on the other blog, but trust me, it's freaking cute stuff.

saturday night, anne, brianna, and i went to gardner village for dinner. so much fun. separate post to come.

sunday i attended the brigham city temple dedication in the morning, did a few more churchy things, baked a little, and caught up on a few things.

i love like really really love weekends. i wish they lasted a little longer. what did you do this weekend?

oh and yes, i STILL need to blog about vegas. i will...soon...promise


  1. Oooh you poor thing, food poisoning is the worst! Hope you are feeling better!

    1. feeling much better. thanks. it really is the WORST!


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