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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

weekend recap

i know i know....still need to blog about last weekend, my trip to Vegas and kyler's baby blessing. it's coming, but until then...

i thought i was running 10 miles on saturday. someone else had other plans. longest post op run and i didn't die...just almost

this picture is really quite terrible, but i bottled cucumbers into pickles. besides leaving out a couple of key ingredients and having to pour out all the liquid, it was a success. hurry up time so they will actually be ready to eat.


  1. I wonder if I will ever just casually run an extra 5 miles. Holy crap! Bottled pickles makes me think of my mom. I never knew that some people bought pickles at the store until I was a teenager. I will admit, I thought that ones at the store were lots better. My family would disagree.

    1. don't be fooled. those extra 5 nearly killed me. you need to taste these bottled pickles. they are THE BEST!


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