Thursday, November 8, 2012

weekend recap

Is it acceptable to blog about the weekend when it's almost another weekend? This past weekend was just too good not to document.

I went to St. George with Brynn and Allison to run. I had quite the eventful weekend.

We laughed our heads off when this baby hat turned out an itty bit too small.

i ran my first legit post-op race...snow canyon half marathon. things were going great until a mile or two in when i realized i brought old running shoes. they were fine, and the race went pretty well.

after the race i realized i forgot to pack underwear (kind of a problem) and also got locked out of the house when my phone was 100% dead. a few hours, 2 verizon stores, and $20 late, my phone was semi-charged and i found the group.

i left sunday morning to get home for church. i came home to an igloo of a freezer and a giant melty mess. 

we basically spent all day dealing with and cleaning that up. by 10:30 that night all the ice was gone.

needless to say, i was ready for the weekend to end (never thought I would say that). at least it made for some good stories.

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