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Thursday, November 29, 2012


i'm having storage issues with blogger so this never got posted. so, much after the fact here is the recap of thanksgiving 2012.

we spent the actual holiday at grandma and grandpa mathis's house. the johnsons also came into town so we had a pretty good crowd. i realized this year i haven't been at my parents' house for thanksgiving in 15 years (that makes me feel super old). i am so glad i have family close enough to spend the thanksgiving holiday with.

playing outside with the kids before the meal

 the, grandpa, andrew, grandma, karlee, avery, marsha, malea, troy, abby, shaylee, chelsea and kyler, jeff and karson, david, leina (apparently john and gale were taking pics)

playing at the park after dinner (tradition)


kyler getting so big

troy helping karson kick the ball

we stayed in st george until friday night and then headed back to vegas for the rest of the weekend.

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