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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

baby gift part 1

right after the sad sad sad sandy hook tragedy happened, some crafty peeps got together to sell digital prints on brickyard buffalo to raise money. crafty friend aubry sold one of her prints. i already wanted to buy it so i was way happy. mikael's baby nursery is a cowboy/western theme, and this print was so perfect. i've been waiting to actually deliver the gift so i could post this tutorial.

mod podge
sponge paint brush
scissors and/or rotary cutter
8x10 wooden frame (buy with a coupon at craft store)
material (i bought 1/4 yard and it was way too much)
i ended up spray painting the frame at the past minute so you need that too

spray paint the frame (or use craft paint if you prefer). the front of the frame will be covered so the color is really only for the inside and sides of frame

measure across the top/bottom and side

use straight edge to cut fabric to appropriate width and length using rotary cutter (or scissors if you prefer0

lay out fabric on the frame to make sure it all fits

use paint brush to spread glue on one area of frame at a time

place fabric over the glue. hurry a little so the glue doesn't dry

once all the fabric is in place, paint another layer of mod podge over the top around the whole thing

let dry

put print in frame. perfectly framed print for a cowboy/western room

if you're as in love with this print as i am, aubry will still sell it to you. email her here
i'll be back in a couple days posting about what i did with some of the leftover fabric.


  1. These pics are awesome! I really love it. Recently I gave similar gift to my small brother and I got gift in discount


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