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Saturday, February 2, 2013

January is Over

glory glory hallelujah the month of january is over. i really don't like january, and i really didn't like it this year. between the most disgusting air you have ever seen, and the crazy amounts of snow, i have been about to lose it with the weather. thank the heavens the past couple of days have been decent.

no sugar january is over. it really wasn't that bad. i am happy it's over, but it was good to reset my body a little and eat a lot healthier.

now that it's february, my goal for the month is to do something different with my hair everyday. i did it last year, and it was ok. for some reason, i am a little afraid this year. can i really come up with 28 different things to do. is there anything i absolutely must do?

i don't want the year to fly by, and i am really trying to stop wishing my life away, but i wouldn't be sad if winter just hurried and got the heck out of here.

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