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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's Day

i am the first to admit, valentine's day isn't my very favorite holiday. maybe it's because i am single, but really i think the whole idea of it is a little silly. i think you should express love all the time because you want to not just because you are obligated to, BUT i love holidays and any and all reasons to celebrate.

one of the parent child classes i teach at work happened to fall right on valentine's day. it is a group to teach parents about sensory processing, and the topic for the day was the tactile system. i was so happy. how perfect. we got right to work planning all kinds of fun valentinesy activities including

a sensory box filled with conversation hearts, pink rice, feathers, and heart shaped toys,

painting with karo syrup and food coloring on a heart (spread a scoop of karo all around, drop a few drops of food coloring and watch it spread, spread more with fingers if you want). we also made stepping stones of various fabric for the kids to walk out of class. such a fun day.

i made these treats for work. i am getting so terrible lately at giving credit, but i saw the tip online somewhere to cut a triangle in the top of a strawberry to make a heart and drizzled white chocolate on top.
i already blogged about the decorations i made and the awesome swap package i got in the mail. even though it's not my most favorite holiday, it really was a lot of fun planning and doing all these fun things with the little tykes and making festive treats.


  1. Mmm that strawberry looks yummy! A simple, but delicious treat.

    1. Thanks. Some of them turned out pretty cute.

  2. I love the painting with Karo syrup idea! Just this morning Emersyn was asking me if we could paint today. Totally picking up some syrup! Your strawberry is so pretty - and it looks yummy too!

    1. The painting will probably be even more fun since she's a little older. Let me know if you do it.


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