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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sock Bun

remember that post about why i will never do a sock bun again?!? i really was planning to never try again. either i have problems or my hair has problems or the sock has problems or something. people swear by the sock bun. i read all about it all over social media. erin sent me this tutorial. i stupidly decided to give it one more try because it's a different kind of sock bun.


this looks easy enough right. i no lie spent probably a half hour trying to get this to work this morning. it did not work no matter what i tried. i was getting so frustrated. since i have the goal to do my hair differently every day, i worked even harder to get it to work. in the end i took the sock out and it worked ok. it's not my favorite and i probably won't repeat it again anytime soon. the sock bun...well, it is never ever ever happening again..ever!

do you do a sock bun? how in the heck do you make it work? i'm running out of hair ideas. help!

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