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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

book club

i ended up hosting book club at the last minute this month. i basically never ever read the book (even though i really do want to) unless i am hosting. well. this time i didn't plan to host so i never read the book...oops.

even though i can't really participate in any book discussion, we always have plenty of other things to talk about...for hours and hours. and the food...well, apparently the book talks about twinkies. i made some wannabe twinkies and other cupcakes. it was a little thrown together but turned out ok.

we mostly get together to see each other and talk about all things besides the book. it is always a lot of fun, and time goes by so quickly. thanks for the night of fun girls. please bless i get next month's book read..fingers crossed.

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  1. I want to be in a book club and i want to knoe what books you aren't reading . :) if we end up living back in salt lake can i be in your book club please ?!


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