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Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend happs

this weekend was pretty low key...just what I needed. after a crazy week and plans that fell through I decided to take friday evening to slow down just a little. i generally run my crazy busy head off so it was desperately needed.

my hip started bugging bad this past week so I've sentenced myself to swimming only for a bit which gave me am excuse to sleep in. by the time i worked out, ran some errands, did my taxes (yes finally did my taxes), and went to dinner the day was basically over.

i spent sunday mostly doing churchy things. i did get to spend a little time with friends and their itty bitty babe. i just love those tiny little things.

i also did a little shopping and obsessing over basketball (until my bracket basically died)

i finally put up a few easter decorations. it's so early this year!

the weekend flew by WAY TOO FAST! how was your weekend? anything fun to report?

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