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Saturday, March 30, 2013

martin family easter party

way back when i started this blog, i did a short little post about the martin sisters. long story short we were roommates for years and years and years before they got married. since their family is in utah, i became the adopted sister. i feel so lucky any chance i get to spend with their family. all of the in state siblings and the parentals got together today to celebrate easter. their mom is the best party planner...activities galore. everyone had a blast.

kids decorated giant sugar cookie bunnies

they played in a pool full of corn

i tried to soak up a little sun while the kids played. it was heavenly.

celebrated dyana's daughter leah's birthday with the cutest cake ever.

after dinner and the easter egg hunt (sorry no pics), all the grown ups started in a little game of martin family olympics. we laughed our heads right off...seriously.

it was seriously such a great day. i love love love the martin family so much. they treat me like one of theirs. i'm a lucky girl. and bonus...the sun was out most of the day. 

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  1. I'm a little disappointed that there's not one picture of me on this post :) times were had by all! And now that I think of in the world did you get out of the ring/flip challenge? I should have started chanting "AUBREY...AUBREY..AUBREY". Next time :)


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