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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Missouri Wrap Up/Camera Pics

this is the last post about my trip to missouri...i promise. i also promised when i spent the money on a nice camera that i would take it places and use it. it's so much easier to just use my phone, but i did use my camera a few times on the trip.

we spent the first night in a hotel in st louis. the kids and chelsea went swimming. since my luggage was lost i had no swim suit to go with them. after a really long day of travel the kids were happy to do something fun.

when i said the weather wasn't that great, i wasn't kidding. it snowed the first 5 days we were there, but luckily it doesn't really stick too much there. living in california, the kids never ever see snow. they were excited to go out and play. it lasted less than 5 minutes before they were ready to come inside.

whenever most of us are together, we usually try to take some semi nice pictures. between all of us we have enough nice cameras to hope for at least one decent picture. it was snowing that morning, and we were all freezing. i'm pretty sure we were out there for less than 10 minutes. between cold and sick kids and cranky adults, the group pictures aren't the best, but a couple smaller groups aren't too bad.

ashely and jake

not sure why we didn't get my mom in any of these except that it was FREEZING

pretty close to the whole family...minus brother in law Jeff. maybe one day soon i will do a family intro..yes?

my mom wanted to try a few in the house

this picture is not good, but i HAD to post it. look at little go ahead and die at the cuteness

karson with uncle zach

karlee with uncle zach

karson with uncle jordan

i did actually take my nice camera to feed the ducks, but since the ducks didn't want to eat there aren't very many pictures. also, even though it didn't snow that day it was a lot colder at the park than we thought.

that's all for this trip. i'll be back tomorrow to tell you about life (think blogger meetup) post trip. what has everyone else been up to lately?


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