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Friday, November 6, 2015

blogger no sleepover...what we ate

a few weekends ago i hosted a blogger sleepover (or no sleepover since some of us went to bed at 5:30am). i originally thought things would be pretty similar to last year, but that's not what end up happening. last year was much more of an event. this year was more of a gathering. it was equally wonderful but quite different.

last year i provided all the food (for a higher ticket price). this year we all brought food, drinks, snacks, and it made it so much less stressful for me. we had soup, salad, and bread for dinner, cookies supplied by the fix for dessert, a soda bar, and lots of treats and snacks. jen made the most delicious oatmeal for breakfast, and i'm pretty sure we all ate a few m&ms. the food was all great, and we all enjoyed ourselves chatting away as we ate. the event started with dinner so after about an hour of chit chat, i brought us all together for some discussions.
jen, bonnie, sarah getting ready for dinner

 tayler mid dinner convo

 more dinner conversations

 kaylynn and her cute bump
cookies c/o the fix

we had plenty of food but not enough leftover to feed 6 more armies like i sometimes struggle with. we kept it pretty simple, and it was perfect.
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  1. That sounds like a perfectly cozy and fun gathering! And those cookies look delicious! My hope is that MAYBE next year, I can attend if you do this again--now that my in-laws live in Salt Lake. So fun!

  2. The food looks really nice! seems like you all had fun ♥♥

  3. The food looks really nice! seems like you all had fun ♥♥


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