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Monday, November 9, 2015

halloween 2015...not what i expected

last time i checked in about halloween i was planning a really low key holiday. my friends and i planned to bring a bunch of yummy food, watch some football, maybe get in the hot tub, and answer the door if a few trick or treaters came by. that's pretty much how the night started until...

sage, tiffany, and the dog showed up dressed as unicorns.
we decided we all wanted to be unicorns.
target shenanigans looking for unicorns
the unicorns were sold out so we settled for zebras and owls (and the world's worst lighting)

we went to a party long enough to parade around in our costumes and take some bad lighting pictures. i am so sad we didn't take some pictures at the house before we left. we laughed and laughed, and had the best unexpected night. 

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  1. Oh, sounds so fun! I love how easily you go with the flow--I tend to be a planner and sometimes spontaneous changes in plan upset me--but you ended up having a blast! :)

  2. Those owls are cute! Are the pajamas??


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