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Friday, November 20, 2015

blogger no sleepover...what we did

it's been almost a month since the blogger no sleepover. i've talked about what we ate and what i wore, and now it's time to talk about what we did.

we started with a delicious meal. everyone brought food and it was perfect.

 bonnie cutting bread for dinner
 our lovely hostess jen-i can't thank her enough for opening her home to us
 fun, casual chit chat during dinner
agnes and dora leggings in our swag bags
sponsor list-i couldn't have done it without the help of these sponsors
after dinner we started more organized discussion. we went around the room and each shared something we think we are doing well with our blogs/businesses. it was interesting how difficult it was to come up with positive things. it showed me how important it is to recognize your successes and celebrate them. we then discussed challenges we face. i love blogging, and i have no intention of stopping-ever, but there are many challenges, and it's easy to be really hard on yourself. the discussions were amazing and what we all needed.

kaylynn and sarah mid discussion
 tayler and bonnie mid blog talk
 jen's house was completely decked out for halloween
 jen and jordan

 after a break for dessert and another discussion session, we took some quick photos
jordan, jen, me, sarah, tayler, bonnie, kaylynn
 pretending to laugh
 funny faces-i missed the memo
 i completely missed the photo booth. i think i was getting dressed.

 we all changed into our matching leggings/pajamas
 love the bump
 leggings shoot on jen's bed

after the pictures, we had a little more organized discussion followed by hours and hours of chitter chatter. we literally talked the night away. we talked a lot about blogging but also a lot about other personal things. i think it was very therapeutic for all of us.

saturday morning we got up, jen made the most delicious oatmeal i have ever tasted, we chatted and chatted some more, jen gave us a few makeup tips/washed my brushes. we ended talking about our take home goals. everyone left with something to work on.

things turned out a little more informal than i originally planned, but it was absolutely perfect. i love these girls, and we had the best time. i left completely exhausted and also completely inspired.

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  1. What a fun way to meet, mingle and enjoy being bloggers. I so wish I could get a handful of ladies together in my area.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Nice work, Aubrey!

  3. Looks like you gals had so much fun! I love the matching leggings!

  4. That sounds like the best blogger meet up I've read about! Those leggings are amazing, I'm in fact wearing a similar pair in white and black. Lovely pictures!

    - Harlynn


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