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Monday, November 30, 2015

thanksgiving 2015

ever since i was a freshman in college (a long long time ago), i have been going to st. george for thanksgiving. it is only a few hours away and much more realistic than flying home for the holiday. my grandparents are getting older, and it's getting harder for them to host at their house. i am so glad it worked out again this year and that chelsea and her family were able to come from california.

i didn't take any pictures of the actual meal besides a few posts on snapchat. kenzie tasted some mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.
we always walk to the park after eating. the kids enjoyed playing at the park.
don't be deceived by the sun. it was much colder this year than it is some years. thanksgiving day was the warmest of our days there.
abby, kyler, and karlee on the swings. karlee wanted to make sure she was in the picture.

after the park we had some pie and hung out for a while. we headed to the hotel and got the kids to bed. chelsea and i went to check out some pre black friday deals at target. we looked at a few things and decided we could get the things we wanted online and avoid the ridiculously long lines. the store was a complete disaster, and i really did feel so bad for all the people working.
we spent a few hours visiting with my grandparents on friday. the kids love sugar cookies from swig, but they have never actually been there. we took them to swig for some cookies and drinks.
marsha and family were in town for the week. they spent thanksgiving dinner with gale's family. we spent friday evening with them-dinner and seeing the lights at the temple. i'm glad we got to spend some time with them. i wish we didn't live so far apart.

kenzie with grandpa
cousins eating dinner. it's fun to see them getting to know each other.
we walked around the temple seeing the lights. it was freezing cold. the colorado crew had coats and gloves and appropriate clothing, and the california kids not so much.
attempting to get a better picture in the light. some of the kids weren't too cooperative/
cousins and inlaws and kids of cousins-fun to be with extended family.
chelsea and her kids with grandpa and grandma-so happy they came to st. george.
we all left early saturday afternoon to go home. it was sad to leave and say goodbye. i'm happy we all made it to celebrate the holiday weekend with extended family.

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  1. The last four years I have spent Thanksgiving in St. George too!


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