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Monday, November 23, 2015

weekend's beginning to look a lot like christmas

in my opinion it's really never too early for christmas. i love christmas decorations all the time. even though i have seen them for a while now and even went to a tree lighting last weekend, this weekend it really started to feel like christmas.
i met friends for a quick dinner on friday evening. they went to see mockinjay after dinner. i read all the books, but i haven't seen any of the movies. i might be the only person on the earth that doesn't really care for them. the content is a little much for me so i skipped the movie and did some christmas shopping instead.
i run all winter long and have for years. i always tell people if you are dressed appropriately, it really isn't that cold. i thought it was warmer than it really was on saturday morning. i wasn't dressed appropriately at all, and i was so cold.
after running i went over to laurann's house for a lesson in making pies-really pie crust. i don't actually really like pie, but i feel like it's something i should know how to do. she had the dry ingredients measured in ziploc bags and the butter and shortening measured and cubed in bags too. it made the process of making 10 pie crusts so smooth. i learned everything has be to really really cold, and i also learned pre measuring and prepping ingredients before is really smart.
i met sage, tiffany, and laurann for dinner at the cheesecake factory. after dinner we went to the bell choir christmas concert. i went for the first time last year and loved it so much. they are so amazing. i have no idea how they get to be so good. they are so talented, and the music is amazing.

after the concert, we walked past the candy windows at macys. there has been a long tradition in downtown salt lake of having window displays made all of candy. the theme this year is peanuts. it was so fun to see them.

sunday I went to church with tiffany and sage for their primary program. there is something so amazing about hearing small children testify of our Savior Jesus Christ through music and talks. i loved it! i also got a few coats out of storage so i can quit being so cold all the time.

how was your weekend? any exciting or festive happs?
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  1. Oh so much fun! I can't even imagine running in the cold, though. The pie crust thing is awesome. I'm not a pie fan either, but understand wanting to know--and pies can be so pretty.

  2. Basically my weekend was almost completely ditto yours..a few changes! It was a fun weekend!! Xo


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