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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

blogging the bach 12.8

who's watching; celsey, shawn, alicia, amanda, lacey, and sandy (the mom)

chase's hometown
what i saw
jojo looks so cute per usual
why is the mom wearing a track jacket?
what i heard
ewww that's a muddy mess--cel
he's asking this nooowww--amanda
the moms always look at little questionable--celsey
she's trying to be young and hip--alicia
when people say that it actually means they are a boob and cry over everything--cel
what i thought
jojo says the snow and mountains are beautiful. they really are, but i hate the snow so much. i would not love this date at all.
chase says he's falling in love, and even though we haven't seen it a lot i think she is falling in love too. he's not the fave around him, but i really like him for some reason.

jordan's hometown
what i saw
jojo's makeup is amazing
jordan got a haircut finally
what i heard
they were the ones that peaked in high school--alicia
so he's all about the sport he doesn't even play anymore--sandy
just by random chance his picture is front and center--sandy
holy shiz. her hair is full of secrets--amanda
mom and jordan have the same haircut--amanda
he obviously learned it from her--lacey
well he just shared them with the world so..--lacey
what i thought
of all the places i could take people in my hometown, i would not take anyone to my high school
i still think jordan is going to break her heart

robby's hometown
what i saw
the boys seem to have a uniform
what i heard
he broke up with his girlfriend how long ago?--sandy
i wouldn't have done that--sandy
after this date i like him a lot more--amanda
what i thought
robby goes on and on about blah blah blah and he's not convincing jojo of any of it
we interrupt this broadcast for the republic convention. is this for real? i am not too big into politics, but i am especially uninterested in the middle of the bach

luke's hometown
what i saw
luke has the biggest crowd at his hometown date than i have ever seen
what i heard
amanda keeps talking about her future with luke and we're teasing her a bit
this looks like it's going to be a really awkward conversation--alicia
aubrey, be nice--amanda when i was making fun of luke
what i thought
luke wins for cutest date even if it is a little cheesy

rose ceremony
what i saw
jojo is crying before it even starts
jojo tells us she's sending luke home. there's an akward silence and we all know luke is going to say he needs to talk to her.
what i heard
the person that gets sent home gets send home sooner than normal--amanda
she picked a lot of former people--alicia
you should have told her you freak--cel
what i thought
to be continued and 2 nights next week-we're all furious

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