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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

blogging the bach 12.9

is anyone else ready for this season to end? i like jojo. the guys are fine, but i am done. i'm glad we are getting close to the final rose.
who's watching:megan, celsey and shawn, me

rose ceremony
what i saw
the week starts from the to be continued.
jojo saying goodbye to luke is so awkward. just say goodbye and be done with it
what i heard
just send them all and be single--megan
i literally don't care, but i get anxiety watching rose ceremonies
what i thought
keeping jordan was predictable
do we just announce luke as the bachelor now? his hometown really set him up to be the bachelor.

date with robby
what i saw
why is robby kissing with his eyes open?
what i heard
maybe business is booming again. they can take them to cool places--megan
it feels very robotic--megan
what do you do robby? a former competitve swimmer is not impressive--megan
unless you are michael phelps, being a former swimmer is not competitve swimmer--cel
what i thought
robby got the explore the town date. that's not usually a good sign.

date with jordan
what i saw
jojo and jordan are in the temple talking about families and hometowns-things are serious
jojo seems more into this than she was with robby
what i heard
is that a monk?--cel
what i thought
jojo is excited to explore a life a travel and adventure with jordan-because that's real life
we totally thought jordan was going to get the boat date of the season
jojo gets a little defensive at dinner. she wants to hear the same things from jordan that she heard from robby

date with chase
what i saw
chase was a little less boring and a little more fun
robby shows up, and i'm not happy. he bugs me.
oops the camera man is showing.
what i heard
the curls are fierce--cel
i want to know how her lipstick stays put with all that kissing--meg
what i thought
chase keeps talking about being in love. i was scared he wasn't going to say it.
she shouldn't have brought him to the fantasy suite. she should have told him that at dinner. she doesn't seem to know what she wants.
she knows she should have told him earlier. we're all a little frustrated that she won't just let chase have his feelings.

rose ceremony
what i saw
chase shows up. chase still loves jojo. jojo still doesn't love chase.
what i heard
never trust a man in flip flops--megan
apparently she has a type.since they're both wearing the same outfit--megan
it wasn't dramatic enough--megan
what i thought
i'm pretty afraid for whoever she picks. i highly doubt it's going to work.
jordan has been the obvious pick all season. she picks him first every time.

i will be on a plane during the final rose last week. i'm kind of mad about it.

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