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Monday, July 25, 2016

weekend happs

i don't remember who said the quote "the days are long, but the weeks are short", but it is so true. time is going by so quickly. each day seems to drag a little with long lists of things to do and the monotony of daily life. when i think another week or weekend has come and gone, i can't believe how quickly it is.

this weekend was really low key. even though i have so many things i need to get done, summer somehow makes me a little less worried about doing all of those things. i slow down just a little and enjoy time a little more.

i went to dinner with mandi on friday night. we ate at the sushi bar-something i have never done before. it was kind of fun watching them make the sushi and interacting with the guys making it. we met up with her friend after and sat outside and chatted. i love summer nights, and i realized i am not enjoying them as much as i should. i need to make more plans for outside.

i am right at the height of marathon training so i spent a huge amount of time on saturday running. we didn't have much of a plan. instead we made decisions along the way. we ran almost 8 of our miles in and around the university of utah. it slowed us down a little, but it was also a fun adventure.

summer saturdays are for working out and laying out, and that's exactly what i did. i love spending summer afternoons at the pool. i love the sun and i love summer. it was perfect.

on sunday i went to church and did things around the house. i went to a backyard bonfire that night. i love the idea of fires, but i don't love the smoke, it was a really nice night and fun to catch up with friends.

my weekend is actually still going. i have today off work. i have a pretty long list of things i need to accomplish so i am staying home to be productive.

how was your weekend? any exciting happs?

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