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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

blogging the bach 12.something

who's watching-celsey, shawn for a minute here and there-far less commentary with less people

does anyone even know where they are???

one on one with alex/dudes on a "bus"
what i saw
dudes all kinds of freaking out
the date doesn't seem to be going well. they both look miserable.
alex rambles on and on about his feelings and things are awkward.
what i heard
shorty needs to go home--cel
everyone is rapping. what is happening?
when i hear the word gaucho, i think those pants--cel
can you imagine the smell?--cel
what i thought
a one on one seems with alex seems like a waste
jojo says she really needs this time with him. it seems like a big waste of time to me.
alex is shocked. i'm pretty sure he is the only one.

jordan-let's toast to love
what i saw
jojo really really likes jordan which makes me think he is going to break her heart
jordan says he is in love. jojo's face is completely different than when alex said that.
what i heard
that's not wine. do they know it has to sit and rot for a while?--shawn
smallest hot tub and bikini in the world--cel
what i thought
i'm worried for jojo

chase, james, robby-let our love soar
what i saw
at least robby is wearing black underwear
more connection with chase than the other two on this date
i totally tuned out with james taylor
what i heard
if you were going to have the perfect slumber party, would you have it with 3 dudes? NO--cel
i hate how confident he is. it's so annoying--cel
i think plenty of things i don't say out loud--cel
what i thought
before the date even starts james taylor bugs me
james feels insecure or jealous or something and acts ridiculous
robby and jojo are cute, but it's nothing like jojo and jordan
robby is so confident that it makes me think it's not him

one on one with luke
what i saw
another horse date
what i heard
she totally tailored this date to him--cel
i think i'd feel jipped--cel
what i thought
everyone is having the best day ever. how can this possibly be their best day ever?
there's no night part of that date?
this date wasn't very noteworthy

rose ceremony
what i saw
she goes with the obvious first
what i heard
she loves him--cel about jordan
it's you bro. 100 times it's you--cel
what i thought
i am so happy james taylor is gone. i'm sure he's going to paradise.
the previews look like some drama is coming which is what it always looks like.

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  1. I wasn't too impressed with this week's episode. I just watched it today... The one on one was SUPER awkward and I like how surprised they all were when the other date ended early ish.


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