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Monday, July 18, 2016

weekend happs

i got home from california super late sunday night. i had the best trip (another post coming), but i came back so exhausted. it was totally worth it, but starting out the week exhausted made it kind of hard. all week long i felt like i was completely dragging. i couldn't wait for the weekend.
the weekend was exactly what i needed it to be-pretty low key.

it started out with a new baby nephew. he is the cutest thing, and i am so sad he lives so far away.
i worked a little later than planned on friday. after work i met mandi at nordstrom and shopped the early access anniversary sale. i'm planning a haul post as soon as i get the jacket i had to order online, but i got a few cute new things for fall and some makeup. i have bought quite a bit of new makeup lately so i am putting myself on a makeup buying freeze.

after nordstrom we grabbed dinner at applebees. have you been there lately? their menu has changed or something. the past few times i have been there it has been so gross. i had a steak salad, and it was actually pretty good. i swore off that place a while ago, but i'm kind of glad i gave it another chance.

a few weeks ago i signed up for the big cottonwood marathon in september. i was already increasing my mileage on saturdays, but now i officially have to. i was afraid saturday's run was going to be really rough because i was so tired. it was better than i thought, and the route was so pretty. the weather was really nice too. i did have to lay down on the grass when we finished because i was a little afraid i might die.

after running, i spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool with mandi, tiffany, and sage. it wasn't very crowded and it was the perfectly relaxing day. summer is going by way too quickly, and it's making me sad.

after the pool we grabbed some dinner and ended up seeing the draper days fireworks as we were driving. i love fireworks! it seems like there are fireworks all summer long here, and i love it.

sunday was pretty low key too. i slept in, went to church, spent time with some friends.

i love having a lot of plans and being really busy, but i also love being a little more low key and relaxed especially after a stressful, tiring week.

how was your weekend? any exciting happs?

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