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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

blogging the bach to last week

who's watching-celsey, alicia, amanda, megan

we can't commit to 3 hours tonight. i don't feel well, and due to my serious lack of interest in the season, i am not sure how long i'm going to make it.

we started the show while eating dinner and for some reason turned it off. we chatted and played with the kids and finally started again an hour and a half later.

we missed whatever happened with the end of raven's date.

we watched rachel and nick's date but didn't really pay much attention. we all assume she is going home after this date. if they already announced rachel as the bachelorette and stays until the final 2 that would be crazy.

vanessa and nick seem like the most likely couple. is nick actually going to pick the one that makes the most sense? they have real conversation about things that matter.

nick says goodbye to rachel-no one is surprised.

we skipped women tell all. what did we miss?

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