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Monday, March 6, 2017

one little word-march

*nightly gratitude journal-✔
*do something that scares me/pushes me out of my comfort zone-✔-i went to hot yoga with mandi. i have always wanted to, but i have also always been really scared to try it. i almost told her no. i'm so glad i did it. i loved it.
*attend temple 12 times-i planned to go one of the last days of the month, and insert excuse here. i will make it up another time.
*monthly journal-
*csatt goals-

*bed by 10pm-total fail. 11:00 is more reasonable for me although i still really want to try to get to bed earlier than that. i am sick again, and it's probably from running myself ragged.
*clean out closets-i've made some progress, but i still am not done.
*catch up on blog-same as the closets-i made some progress, but i am still not all the way caught up
*kiss my brave workouts/APF weekly goals/lemon water and acv-✔ sort of. i did really well with the kiss my brave workouts and APF weekly goals. i started out with the lemon water and acv and didn't keep it up. i don't notice any difference from doing them so it is hard to keep the motivation to do it.

*bed by 11pm or earlier-preferably earlier
*finish cleaning out closets
*finish blog catch up
*take 20 pure barre classes

did you choose a word for the year? how are your goals going?

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