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Saturday, March 11, 2017

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I spent part of Christmas break in California again this year. It's much more fun to go where the kids are. My break started a little later this year so I didn't get there until right before Christmas. 
traditional looking at lights on Christmas Eve 
Christmas pajamas 

Since Christmas was in Sunday, we all got new Christmas outfits for church. 

We opened gifts after church. Chelsea got some new shoes. 

I gave the kids the bible origami book. 
Kenzie loves her Minnie doll. 
love love love this dog eared necklace 
We played pie face showdown and laughed and laughed. 
The weather was pretty decent part of the time. We got in some good time on the trampoline. 
The kids worked out with me a few times. 
More pictures with the kids 

I also gave them a few new games from Grandpa Beck's games. We had a fun time playing games. 

I enjoyed the week in California. It's always nice to be with Chelsea and her family. The kids were so excited which made it even more fun. 
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