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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

blogging the bach 21.this season is finally over

by this point we all know none of us here at monday night tradish are that invested in the season. i had a hair appointment tonight that went a little longer than usual. by the time i got to celsey's i missed a good portion of the final dates.

we really like raven, but we all agree that none of us really see it happening with raven. their interactions seem pretty surface level, and there just seem to be much there.

neil lane walks in and nick has the option of the biggest ring ever. we didn't pay attention enough to know if he picked that ring or not.

raven gets out of the limo minivan first, and we all know what that means. raven is broken hearted and doesn't know if anyone will love her. as megan pointed out, if raven can have a successful boutique in the middle of nowhere alabama, certainly she can find love.

vanessa is up next. is he going to propose? will she say yes? an obvious yes to both. vanessa and nick are engaged and we all wonder if they are still together. i didn't make it through all of after the final rose, but according to my mom they still are.

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