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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

blogging the bach 13.hometowns

after last week, i am finally getting into this season. i am kind of excited for hometowns and to see how the rest of the season plays out.
who's watching-celsey, alicia, amanda, megan

hometown #1-Eric in Baltimore
-basketball, kissing, brother/friend, more kissing
-meet the fam-"that's a lot of women"--amanda
i'm just not sure i see it with them

hometown #2-Bryan in Miami
-dominos at domino park, calle ocho-food, dancing, family talk
-meet the fam-tears from mom
-bryan tells rachel he's in love with her

hometown #3-Peter in Madison
-meet the friends-they all love each other
"he has a matching gap so they're kind of cute"--celsey
-rachel is afraid peter might not be ready to propose. i am afraid of the same thing.

hometown #4 Dean in Aspen
-picnic in the middle of a field-Dean tells Rachel about his family
-poor Dean is so nervous and admits to burying every emotion he has
-rachel likes the energy of the home
-Dean talks to his dad while Rachel talks to his sister-lots of emotion
-working out years of intense emotion on national tv is probably not the best idea
-Dean and Rachel are falling in love with each other

back in Dallas
-Rachel chats with Chris Harrison-where has that man been all season?
-Bryan, Eric (we all thought he was going home), Peter all get roses
-we all predict Dean might be the next bachelor

next week per usual looks intense

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  1. How are we already at hometowns?!?! I've obviously gotten a few weeks behind....

  2. Love checking out your blog, always find the most interesting reads! Thanks for the share!


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