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Monday, July 10, 2017

blogging the bach-13.who even knows

monday night tradish has been a little off track the past few weeks. if i'm being honest, that's not even the reason i have no idea what is going on with this show. i just am not into this season. confession #2-i read the spoilers. i had to. ok i didn't have to, but i kind of felt like i had to. it seemed like the only way to have any sort of clue what is going on. i will not be posting any spoilers here, and i will blog as though i don't know what's happening. don't believe it..check out most every other season. for several seasons, i ended up finding out one way or the other (usually social media and sometimes friends). i won't ruin for you. i promise.
we forgot the show wouldn't auto record because celsey moved. we walked in at the end of rachel's date with bryan. we are still pretty lost as to what's going on. are hometowns next week? i'm a little sad we didn't see more of that date.

next up is dean. i have heard his name a bit, but i have no idea who he is. i'm pretty religious. i love church just as much as anyone, but i don't really want to go to church on a date. rachel asks dean to talk about his feelings and he asks about her favorite dinosaur. dean is fun, but he might be headed for paradise rather than hometowns. dean finally opens up and gets a rose. i still think he is headed for paradise.

peter has the next date. the helicopter comes out. i haven't watched enough to know how many helicopters we have seen this season. they have more real conversation than we've seen so far. rachel is scared and doesn't know what to do which basically means she will go to his hometown.

the group date card comes. the word difficult doesn't sound very good. they're on a boat in coats. that doesn't seem that fun to me. rachel says goodbye to matt and there are tears-mostly from rachel. we spent all of the group date trying to figure out when will got sent home. turns out it was last week.

the previews kind of confuse me. it looks like all 4 guys are still there until the end which we all know isn't true. this is the first time all season that i actually have half a clue what's going on. i'm a little excited for the rest of the season.

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